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Cathy Taylor


I'm happiest in face-to-face interactions with my customers. I love to visit retailers in their shops and catch the "vibe" to see how our vendors would complement the owner's vision. I learn as much as I can about the shop and the consumers who patronize it. I'm a planner with an eye for detail and I use my visual skills to help with merchandising options.

Randy Taylor


 I observe the flow, product mix and mission of the shop and look for the best way to partner with our retailers to create a successful"team". I retired from coaching (after 32 successful years) and know the importance of working together toward a common goal. I search for opportunities to meet and exceed our retailer's expectations while creating a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Molly Taylor

The "Boss"

Molly is CFO (Chief Feline Officer). She’s always first to the best seat in the office and keeps everyone on their toes so they’re always ready for the next order or any challenges faced with existing orders and products. (Problems, however, are a minor part of the job because of the quality of the manufacturers we present to our retail partners.)

Anita Koch

Metro Chicago

30+ years as an accomplished Account Executive. My hallmarks are creating valued partnerships with my accounts, utilizing my experience to fully meet their needs and tailoring programs that create revenue.

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